Health care has been a trusted source of information for hundreds of thousands of people seeking to stay healthy and live healthier lifestyles. Till now we have reviewed more than 200 products, updating our articles based on the latest medical evidence with quality in mind. Therefore, we ask ourselves whether we would recommend this product if not part of our job.

How do we review products and supplements?

  • Our team of pharmacists gather all the relevant information about the product and thoroughly check them with the trusted sources available on the internet. Our Ph.D. scholars medically review every article before publishing. 
  • We review products and recommend them based on the safety and efficacy , because Product safety is our first priority while reviewing supplements.
  • We also assess brand transparency like return policies, third-party testing, and how easy it is for users to report a problem with the product.
  • We talk to real consumers and ask them about the side effects and beneficial effects they experience after taking these supplements. We also add verified customer reviews from Amazon and other platforms to determine what others think about the product.

At the bottom of every article, we add our honest and unbiased opinion free from marketing gimmicks. Our product reviews are mainly based on adherence to quality, clinical studies, and the time spent with the products.

We only recommend products and supplements that are high quality, affordable, safe to use, and can positively impact your life.