How can I donate money internationally?

Where to donate if you want to assist refugees and people in Ukraine.

How can I donate to Ukraine

STOP THE WAR  , How can I donate to Ukraine? Here’s how to help

Donate to Ukraine: The refugee crisis emerging from the Russian invasion is prompting people to rush to Ukraine’s aid.

Ukraine’s heroic fight for republic should make us all proud, and no bone should ignore the hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians made deportees by the war. But one veritably honest answer to the question “ how can we help” is that the most effective ways to do good with limited coffers are still the same bones that was before Russian forces crossed the border

Fund To Aid Ukraine

Donate to fund To Aid UkraineTooltipSince 1990 the Fund has provided humanitarian relief of supplies, equipment, and medical aid in times of crisis.

Support Ukraine Relief

Help those affected by the events in Ukraine

The simplest way to help Ukraine is to donate to one of the many charities collecting money.

This provides access to food, water and shelter for the refugees.

One of the main charities taking donations is the British Red Cross due to their international links.

Send money and track transactions from anywhere with PayPal

Don’t ignore the urge to help

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Don’t ignore the urge to help

The mortal impulse for compassion underlies much of the work I do to figure out how to make the world a better place. One assignment I’ve learned is this Utmost person want others to be alright. They want the world to be safe and free. And they’re willing to immolate their plutocrat and when necessary, indeed their lives to bring that about.

But if the future is to come better than history, that compassion must be paired with a serious commitment to completely understanding what’s going on and grim amenability to prioritize in a world that has no deficit of pressing problems.

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