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New year, new you. We’re on the edge of 2022 and here you are. You want to start the year right and you’re looking for the best male enhancement pills to get going with a bang – pun intended.

Do you want the quick version or the extended one on how to do that?

Assuming you want both, the best male enhancement supplements as of 2021 are VigRX Plus (male ‘sex pills’), ProSolution Plus (‘last longer in bed pills’) Semenax (natural ‘cum volume pills’). Granted, we’re biased to VigRX Plus. But you don’t survive in the natural male enhancement niche without a formula that works and results that pop.

In the end, it’s about you, and if we can be candid for a moment, there’s a lot of crap out there. Still, it’s possible to find male enhancement supplements that can help the average dude get bigger, harder, and have a rompin’ sex life. Pull up a chair and let’s talk about how to find the best male enhancement supplements to make 2020 an epic one in your bedroom.

Defining ‘Male Enhancement pills’

Male enhancement supplements are products, usually natural, that help boost virility and sexual prowess. There are a variety of products that fall under this banner, but they all have one thing in common: they help your ongoing sexual ability, so you can get hard, last longer and climax when you want – and make these results more enjoyable in the process.

Unlike prescription ED pills, male enhancement supplements are dietary products. While you’l have to take a prescription each time you wanted to have sex, with male enhancement pills (well, the ones that work), once the ingredients kick in, you’re always ready to show up and deliver.

  • Natural Sex Pills – You can call these ‘virility pills’, ‘libido pills’, or their more common moniker, ‘natural sex pills’. These are natural supplements that help men with mild to moderate erection problems. They should also boost your sex drive, performance and sexual satisfaction.

When you Google ‘male enhancement pills’, this is the default category. One example of a natural sex pill? You’re looking at it: VigRX Plus.

  • Natural Semen Volume Pills – These are ‘Cum Pills’. Yup, we know you winced a little when we said that, but that’s what they do. Natural semen pills boost semen volume, so you have more semen to ejaculate.
The reason for that?
  • When you have more semen, you climax longer, faster, and with greater intensity. That means a more enjoyable climax. You’ve got to love male enhancement.
  • ‘Last Longer in Bed Pills’ – These are for men who typically ejaculate less than two minutes after penetration. They can also be an excellent value if you choose the right product.

Case in point, ProSolution Plus , which is clinically shown to help men who finish too early and boost sex drive at the same time. You can use it for either issue, giving you two-for-one value and a world of enjoyment.

What Are the Best Male Enhancement Ingredients ?

The best male enhancement ingredients are the ones that are shown in clinical studies to do what they say. Sounds simple? It is – but you’d be surprised at how few male enhancement supplements actually have clinical studies done on their formulas.

While this isn’t an exhaustive list, some of the best male enhancement ingredients include:

  • Panax Ginseng – Sometimes called ‘Korean/Korean Red Ginseng’, Panax Ginseng is an herb long used in Asian medicine (going back 2,000 years). Clinical studies link it to better penis rigidity, erection quality, stronger sex drive and better sexual satisfaction.
  • Maca – Sometimes called ‘Peruvian Ginseng’, Maca is an herb from Peru. It’s rich in amino acids, iron, magnesium and iodine. Maca appears to lower stress, which can affect sexual performance. Animal studies link it to better sexual performance.
  • Ginkgo Biloba – This is another staple of ancient Chinese medicine. Gingko Biloba appears to help blood flow to the penis, which can help you get an erection.
  • Horny Goat Weed – Sometimes called ‘Epimedium’, Horny Goat Weed has an active ingredient called icariin. This appears to help boost nitric oxide, which is the same mechanism used by prescription ED solutions to help men get hard. It also appears to boost testosterone, which fuels your sex drive.
  • Tribulus Terrestris – This is a fruit with chemicals that appear to help sexual arousal and desire. It may also men get an erection – particularly if they struggle with hardness issues.

How to Choose the Best dr oz male enhancement pills

The best male enhancement supplements will be made with sexual nutrients that are shown to work in clinical studies. They also need to be dosed properly. Too weak and they don’t work. Too strong and they may have side effects.

Here’s what you’re looking for when you search for the best male enhancement supplements – with “best” meaning the ones that actually work (shocker!) and can have a big impact on your sex life and satisfaction.

  • Formula – A male enhancement supplement lives and dies by its formula. Does it have some of the ingredients we just talked about? It’s not the end of the world if it doesn’t, but the formula needs to help you feel it in the bedroom, no matter what’s on the sticker.

Also, it needs to be dosed for results without going overboard. How can you tell that? Funny you should ask…

  • Longevity – The male enhancement industry is a tough one. Darwin is alive and kicking here – weak, ineffective and/or dangerous products quickly get weeded out. Only the best survive and the elite rise to the top. You’re not elite without an elite formula, that walks the perfect line between results and ‘too strong’.
  • Clinical Studies – On a similar note, the best male enhancement supplements have clinical studies to show they work. This is a very small list, and if a product is on it, you’re on the right track.
  • Doctor Approval – Look for a male enhancement supplement approved by doctors. Yes, they probably get paid to say kind things about the product, but they’re not going to lend their names to a product that doesn’t work, has side effects and/or both. The bigger the name, the better the reassurance.
  • Born in the USA – Cue Bruce Springsteen here, but the Boss has a point. The best male enhancement products are made in the United States at a cGMP-compliant facility. That means it’s made with strict health and safety regulations in place.

Products made abroad often have dangerous toxins not disclosed on their respective formulas. These can be anything from aspirin to rat poison. Suffice to say, that’s not safe.

Three Excellent Male Enhancement Supplements

OK, so you know what you’re looking for in a good male enhancement supplement. Now let’s get more specific. These three male enhancement supplements all deliver, with the right ingredients, established brands, clinical studies and results in the bedroom.

If you want more and better sex, here’s where you go.

Also, don’t just take our word for this. It’s important you read an unbiased and objective review that look at the cold, hard facts for any health supplement – these ones among them.

Take a look at Men’s Toy Hub and how VigRX Plus takes the #1 spot in the list of the top male enhancement pills.

1 – VigRX Plus

You already know about VigRX Plus. It’s a natural sex pill for men that helps with mild to moderate erection issues. It also boosts sex drive, stamina, sexual frequency and satisfaction. With two decades of experience in the industry, this is your first choice for male enhancement products.

Why It’s Better: Excellent brand, longevity, clinical studies (with very good lab results), approval from Dr. Steven Lamm of The View…we could go on for a while. VigRX Plus has an excellent resume in the male enhancement industry. Not to blow our own horn, but we think it’s the best.

Clinical Studies: VigRX Plus is shown to increase ability to get and maintain an erection by 62.82%. Also, a 71.43% increase in sexual and intercourse satisfaction may tell you why VigRX Plus should probably be in your bedroom.

Also, read “VigRX Plus Review” 

2 * ProSolution Plus

It’s not part of the VigRX Plus family. But ProSolution Plus delivers – especially if you ejaculate earlier than you want. This is a ‘last longer in bed pill’ from ProSolution. With a clinically studied formula shown to deliver excellent results in stamina and for increases to sex drive, ProSolution is an excellent male enhancement supplement.

Why It’s Better: ProSolution Plus has overwhelming clinical proof that it works very well. You can use it to last longer in bed and/or as a traditional male sex pill (like VigRX Plus). It’s an excellent value, from a male enhancement brand with a very good reputation and plenty of experience in the male enhancement industry.

Clinical Studies: ProSolution Plus is shown to reduce ‘finishing too early’ symptoms by up to 64%. Erection quality went up by 67%, and there was a very eye-opening 78% increase in sexual satisfaction.

 Also, read “ProSolution Plus Review ” 

3* Semenax


Semenax is a natural volume ‘cum’ pill. Yup, we know that sounds a little brash, but bear with us, because the payoff for boosting your semen volume is a longer and more enjoyable climax. Still reading? Thought so

Why It’s Better: Semenax is clinical studied and has both longevity and an excellent reputation. It has plenty of customer testimonials, powerful formula and, most of all, the Semenax climax. That’s something you have to live for yourself. Believe us, it’s a keeper.

Clinical Studies: In a clinical study, a higher number of guys taking Semenax (rather than a placebo) had a 20% or more increase in ejaculate volume.

The best male enhancement supplements bring erections and sex drive. Then there’s Semenax, which gives you more semen, and a clinically shown climax that might set off the Richter Scale.

 Also, read “SEMENAX Review ” 


Extenze™ aims to help men increase their overall sexual confidence and enjoyment by enhancing their erection size while also improving their overall orgasm quality and control.

Its all-natural formulation makes it an affordable, SAFE alternative to prescription drugs. (No embarrassing or inconvenient trips to the doctor are required.)

And it comes in a once-a-day formula, making it more convenient than the majority of male enhancement supplements on the market today which require that you take 2-3 capsules per day.

Also, read Extenze full review :-

5-VigRX Oil®

What is in topical erection oils?

The formulations vary by manufacturer as to their exact ingredients. They may contain herbs, nutrients, amino acids and other natural ingredients. Look for a statement that attests to the product’s purity and effectiveness, and also for information about the transdermal delivery of ingredients. Formulations without the correct considerations for transdermal delivery may not be as effective.

How do topical erection oils compare with Viagra?

Many of the effects are quite similar, however, topical erection oils come in transdermal form, and are applied to the genitals, so unlike Viagra, you don’t ingest anything. One of the benefits of this is that topical oil works much faster — within seconds — because there’s no waiting for a drug to work its way through the digestive system. Next, topical erection oils are all natural, based on time-tested botanicals and new transdermal technology. That means you can get the product without a prescription, there are no side effects. Erection oils are effective and far more affordable than prescription drugs.

Are topical erection oils condom-compatible?

This varies from product to product, as well as the type of condom you are using. Latex condoms should not be used with oil, so if this is a concern, look for formulas that do not contain petroleum jelly or mineral oil. Water-based formulas, like VigRX Oil™, are best.

Some other products you may be interested in include: MaxiDerm™Semenax™VigRX™, and GenF20™.

6- Magna -RX

Natural herbal supplements are gaining good ground, this is especially true of those concerning male enhancements. It is a known fact that there are still a handful of men who would still want a longer and larger penis. Others even go through surgery just to add a couple of inches and go home with what they Natural herbal supplements are gaining good ground, this is especially true of those concerning male enhancements. It is a known fact that there are still a handful of men who would still want a longer and larger penis.

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What makes the MagnaRX+ stand out in a crowd of male sexual enhancement products?

important ingredients. Pygeum Bark helps prevent Prostate Cancer, Maca increases virility and Catauba helps to increase male libido which of course is the icing on top of the male sexual health pie.

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in short, As men age, their nitric oxide (NO) levels drop, leading to poor circulation, and weaker erections, so they’ve launched VigRX Nitric Oxide. Nitric oxide is a physiological signal essential to penile erection.

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