Zolo Roboblow Full Shaft auto Masturbator for Men


Zolo Roboblow Full Shaft auto Masturbator for Men


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auto masturbator – Regular price$659.95 $329.95 50% OFF

  • High-tech self thrusting oral sex simulating masturbator for men
  • Turn all of your fantasies into your sexual reality
  • Truly one of a kind blow job machine that feels just like the real thing
  • Sit back and enjoy the pleasure as this masturbator does all the work for you
  • Get ready to experience levels of fun and pleasure you didn’t think you can have alone
  • Light weight and easy to hold or stick between cushions for hands-free fun
  • Enjoy explosive results that will make you cum harder than ever before
  • Full powered masturbator that plugs in so you never lose a charge
  • Get off to the moaning of a real women with included audio
  • Change out the textured sleeve for different sensations
  • Includes a warming function to give you the most realistic blowjob of your life
  • This one is built to last with the highest quality build construction of any toy out there

Product Description-

Auto masturbator

Zolo Roboblow Full Shaft Masturbator for Men


There are blow jobs and then there are out-of-body experiences from getting a blow job.  If you are looking for the latter, then adding a Zolo Roboblow to your life will get you there sooner than you can imagine.  Just close your eyes and imagine the day that you get an incredible blow job and you didn’t even need to beg your partner. Or better yet, you didn’t need a partner at all.


Now, we know this all sounds too good to be true but trust us when we tell you that Zolo knocked it out of the ballpark with this ultimate male masturbator.  No stones were left unturned when they designed and manufactured this self-sustaining blow job simulator.  From unimaginable power to self-drying features, to maximum durability and build quality, this toy checks off all of the boxes you can ever want.

Regular price$659.95$329.9550% OFF

Zolo Roboblow Features


  • Built to last!  Ultra high-quality construction made with durable and luxurious materials
  • Includes 2 soft and realistic textured sleeves that easily interchange depending on your mood
  • The sleeves thrust, suck and squeeze in tandem with the walls of the Roboblow
  • Built-in audio plays erotic sounds during use with wireless connectivity
  • Enjoy the moaning and groaning of real women having sex with the included audio abilities
  • Includes adjustable suction levels for tailored stimulation
  • Features 10 unique blow job experiences that will leave you drained
  • Forget rechargeable, this auto blow toy uses AC wall power with an 8 ft extra-durable power cord
  • The powerful warming feature intensifies the pleasure and adds to the realism
  • Full drying functionality keeps your Roboblow clean, dry, and hygienic
  • Experience the ultimate blow job in the comfort of your own home
  • Non-toxic | Phthalate-free | Body-safe



The build quality of those auto suck masturbator is like nothing we have ever seen.  And it should be for the price this bad boy costs. But don’t worry, if you plop down this chunk of change you are going to be loving life.  There are no regrets once you slide into the Zolo Roboblow and let it do its thing.

Unlike other automatic masturbators on the market, the Roboblow is powered by your wall socket so there is going to be no shortage of power.  With the 8 ft power cord attached, you have the freedom to move around without getting tangled or stuck to the wall.  While its not rechargeable, that’s a good thing, you want real power that can only be had from being plugged in!  Think Hitachi Wand power!


Once powered on,  you can choose from 10 unique blow job experiences.  Each one being better than the last.  From a pure sucking motion to the feeling of have your dick played with by your partners tongue, this full shaft masturbator has it all.  And yes, we did say full shaft!  This blow job machine is designed to stimulate your entire package, just like a real blow job.  All 10 functions are fully customizable with speeds and power settings so you can build the perfect experience.  All controls are easily accessible with the build in control panel that sits perfectly where you grip it. No need to fumble around with this Zolo.

Regular price$659.95$329.9550% OFF

To add to the realistic blow job feeling, the Zolo heats up to body temperature so it feels like a nice warm mouth.  The heat transfers perfectly through the included sleeves so your whole penis will enjoy.  Speaking of sleeves, the Roboblow comes with 2 different sleeves, each with it’s own unique texture so you can choose which feels best for you.


Nothing says real like the sounds of a moaning women which is why this toy has but in erotic sounds.  From moaning to sounds of pleasure, your sense of sound is sure to be stimulated from your new favorite partner.  It also includes wireless connectivity so you can hear the sounds in stereo!


Once you are done, the unit disassembles easily so you can clean out the mess you just made.  People always complain that the drying is a problem, but not with the Zolo Roboblow, with the included drying function, this unit will dry itself so no bacteria can build up.  This is definitely one of the more hygenic units available.


It is body-safe and phthalate-free so you can use knowing that you are being nice and healthy!  Just don’t take this near the water since the power cord might give you quite the shock. I repeat, this is NOT WATERPROOF! the . Compatible with any favorite water-based lube.


Auto masturbator – Roboblow Size


  • Overall Length – 10.5″ (26.67 cm)
  • Overall Width – 5″ (12.7 cm)
  • Height – 13.5″ (34.29 cm)
  • Weight – 6.80 lbs (3 kg)

Regular price$659.95 $329.95 50% OFF



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