Jacob’s Ladder Piercing

Jacob’s Ladder Piercing: We talked to two piercers and a urologist about what it’s like to get your frenulum (aka the towel near the head of the penis) pierced

Still, it’s your penis, If there’s one thing you want to cover further than anything differently. The bare study of a sharp object down there presumably makes you cringe.

This is why it may surprise you to learn that there is a plenitude of guys who get not just one piercing in their penis, but multiple.

There are a variety of penis piercings, with one of the most popular being Prince Albert (a piercing toward the head of the penis). Another popular request is a frenulum piercing or a piercing of the little beachfront towel between the head and the shaft.

Above all,

Some guys may also request Jacob’s Ladder, a series of piercings up the underpart of the shaft that creates a graduation-suchlike appearance. ( Then is a veritably, veritably NSFW link.) Jacob’s Graduation piercings are fairly extreme, indeed among body revision suckers. But some guys swear they can ameliorate coitus for them and their mates.

Risks of Jacob’s Ladder Piercing

Dispensable to say, there are many pitfalls involved, including infection and pain during intercourse. When it comes to piercings, tattoos, or any form of body manipulation it’s a particular choice and decision. From a medical viewpoint, when taking into account piercings on your penis you have to make sure it’s not putting you or your mate at threat,” DR.Rachel S.Rubin, MD, a urologist at Orlando Health and Assistant Professor at UCF College of Medicine, tells Healthcare.com.

Still, have questions? We talked to Club Tattoo Tempe piercers and Association of Professional Piercing (APP) members Plaid Weyer and Nicolas Moses about what it’s really like to get a Jacob’s Ladder piercing.

This interview has been condensed and edited for length and clarity.

Healthcare.com: What is the procedure for getting Jacob’s Ladder piercing?

PW A Jacob’s Ladder is a collection of frenum piercings, each frenum being a pealed of the graduation. So first we’ll bandy how numerous piercings you are looking to get. Some people prefer to start with one to get their bases wet, while others will sit for as numerous as they can. I’ll generally do two to three in a sitting. However, we can record another set a month or two out, If you are looking to do further. The further piercings you do at formerly, the longer the mending time needed.

Healthcare.com: Does a person’s anatomy — penis size, for example — impact how the piercing is done?

PW While deconstruction does not affect how the piercing is done, it’ll affect jewelry length and the number of frenum piercings one can achieve.

Above all,

A thicker penis will bear longer jewelry. Length will mandate how numerous frenum piercings, or‘ rungs of the graduation, (the piercer can do). Some men may only be suitable to get two or three, while others can accommodate an overhead of 10.

“Some men find this to be a veritably enjoyable piercing to have, and for their mates it can also be enjoyable. But that is veritably private.”


How often do people come in requesting a Jacob’s Ladder piercing?

NM: Lately, there’s been enough conspicuous supplement in people who are at least interested in it, and about half to two-thirds of people will follow through with it. It seems to be getting more mainstream and respectable to have one or multiple. whereas in the late 70s and early 80s it was veritably impermissible.

How long does it take to heal?

PW Everyone’s mending time is going to vary, but on average, four to six weeks. The original jewelry is going to be long , to give room for swelling and healing. It’s recommended to reduce around 8-12 weeks. It’s generally recommended to take many months off of sexual contact. When you decide you feel comfortable enough to get back into it, start sluggishly, and if you feel any discomfort, stop incontinently. Also, if you are engaging in sexual exertion during the healing period, make sure to wear protection. Amending piercing is an open crack for all intents and purposes. Any blood-to-blood contact rules should apply.

How does a Jacob’s Ladder compare to other piercings in terms of pain?

NM A Jacob’s Ladder is (one) of the easier bones to perform in terms of complexity and placement, and (it is viewed) as an easier one to deal with on the pain scale. Still, your avail may vary, as pain is hectically private. Some men find this to be a veritably enjoyable piercing to have, and for their mates, it can also be veritably satisfying. But again, that is veritably private and your avail may vary.

How does having this piercing affect someone’s sex life?

PW During sexual intercourse, you will feel redundant perceptivity to the underpart of the shaft. For your mate, it’s similar to a more extreme interpretation of a”ribbed” condom.

What should you do before getting your penis pierced?

NM : Your first study when choosing a plant should be how clean it is. Are all workers up to date on blood-borne pathogens and CPR training? Do they have an autoclave (a machine used for sterilization) and how frequently do they cover it? What’s the piercer’s antiseptic fashion like? What types of jewelry and jewelry accouterments do they carry.

Above all,

These all are effects that should be asked. The piercer should also check your deconstruction and refuse to do any piercing that won’t fit you or your life, or poses a serious complication to your health. The Association of Professional Piercers is a resource that can help you find an estimable position near you that meets all of these criteria.

Is there anything else you think guys should know about penis piercings?

NM Well, in short, it’s not for everybody. But in my experience, breaking out of the norm and trying a commodity new can bring on a boost in confidence. As far as piercings go, no matter what, there are always pitfalls involved, so do your due industriousness and seek only estimable piercing for the stylish possible outgrowth.

Effects of Jacob’s ladder Piercing:

1-Increasing sexual stimulation:

Just like all the other genital piercings done out there, Jacob’s graduation piercing is also done to produce a different and enjoyable expreince for you and your mate.

Still, do n’t anticipate the piercing to increase the sexual stimulation if you formerly do n’t have it, your main sexual muscle is your brain and that’s where all the stimulation comes from.
So although it might increase the stimulation if that’s what you want it to do, but if there are some other aspects that come into play, consider fixing them first.

2-Healing process:

The penis is a part of the body with a huge quantum of blood inflow. The pace at which the mending occurs varies from person to person.

Still, with this piercing, you don’t need to worry about the mending process. It has a history of mending veritably fleetly in maximum cases.
The mending is also been recorded with minor or in utmost cases with no issues at all.

Above all,

Jacob’s graduation piercing is completely prone to infection and infrequently would you see a case where commodity goes wrong.
So overall, the mending process is enough easy.

3-Can be done anywhere on the Penis Shaft

4-Changes after Jacob’s Ladder Piercing :

Occasionally the piercing tends to twist and punch up upon you.

Your towel will toughen up over the passage of time after this piercing as it does with all the other types of genital piercings.
In the morning, your towel might be a little too important sensitive stopping you from going rough with your mate for a certain period of time.

Once that period is over, the towel will toughen up making effects a lot further functional and a lot further fun between you and your mate.

Things you should know before having Jacob’s ladder piercing done

Then are many effects you should be apprehensive of before you finalize your decision of getting this piercing.

No sex without latex barrier:

After the piercing, you are n’t allowed to change fleshly fluids for at least 6 months. Although the mending is completed within 3-4 months, the apkins are still prone to tearing and can be dislodged.

In that kind of situation, you should n’t be swapping those bacteria and other analogous microorganisms with your mate to insure that none of you gets infected.
So if you’re planning to have a child also make sure that you record your piercings in agreement with the plan.

Also keep in mind that you’re also more likely to catch sexually transmitted conditions (STDs) after the piercing, so make sure that you always have a condom with you for a minimum of 6 months.

Losing the barbells:

Barbells and rings both come with the probability of fallingout.However, they can come out, If they are n’t sitting in the right position or are a bit loosened with the passage of time.

In utmost cases, you ’ll find that fallen out barbell while you’re sitting down on a restroom as it lands down at the bottom and also there’s nothing you can really do about it.


In other situations, you might be looking for that fallen barbell in a grocery store or at your plant.

So just simply make sure that that jewelry down there’s tensed up duly to avoid any vexation.


There can be a significant quantum of bleeding during and after the piercing. The bleeding may vary from person to person and can last from 3 to 5 days.


There’s an advanced chance of blood flowing in those areas and this is why genital piercing tend to bleed further than regular piercing.
So Anticipate on and off bleedings after the piercing and take the asked preventives. You might need to use aseptic towels or pads for many days so you don’t get those disturbing stains.



In conclusion, With all that said, Jacob’s graduation Piercing is a great type of genital piercing, it can make increase the pleasure between you and your mate, and if done the right way, it does no damage to your health.

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