Without a doubt, many men struggle with weak erections. Penis pumps, which are said to aid men in achieving a powerful erection, were also introduced as a result of the race to find noninvasive solutions to the issue. The best ones, meanwhile, are pricey. Therefore, you might need to think about a homemade penis pump solution if you were considering purchasing one for yourself but your budget won’t allow it.

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Making your own penile pump is feasible if you have the necessary supplies on hand. Even if the method is not particularly simple, it is very doable. Your job will be significantly made easier by our guidance, which will make the penile pump-making process simpler. Additionally, you won’t need to worry about spending money because the majority of the supplies you’ll need are typically found at home. Continue reading to discover how to create a homemade penis pump .

Should You Use Penis Pump?

One of the most popular treatments for erectile dysfunction, a penile pump works by pushing blood into the dick to induce an erection (ED). Once erected, a cock ring is then put over the penis’ base to keep it that way. It will even work with a DIY cock ring.

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In terms of medicine, the penis pump is a safer option than prescription drugs and operations. This device is thought to work for penile enlargement in addition to helping to achieve a powerful erection. Only 55% of men are happy with the size of their penis, according to research published in BJU International. Therefore, it makes sense that 45% would want a larger size.

Therefore, if you inquire with us, “Should I use a penile pump?” If there is a way we can help you, the answer is always “yes.” The penis pump is not completely safe, therefore you must be careful for your safety.

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We should also point out that you have other options besides a penile pump. Choosing the best penis sleeve and male masturbator can be quite beneficial. While a male masturbator improves your sexual stamina, a penile sleeve lengthens and enlarges your penis while also assisting in the maintenance of an erection.

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Pros and cons

The penis pump has advantages and disadvantages, as we have indicated. You must therefore evaluate whether the solution is worthwhile given the risk. The benefits and drawbacks of the pump are discussed below:


  • offers a powerful erection
  • HIV-related penile enlargement
  • generally more secure than certain ED drugs
  • typically more affordable over time than prescription drugs


  • The penis can be hurt by too much air pressure.
  • Overuse of a penile pump can weaken erections by harming the penis’ tissue.

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What You’ll Need

you’ll need some materials to create your homemade penis pump. The materials include:



A cheap brake bleeder kit might be a smart purchase if you want to save money on separate purchases. For instance, the HTOMT 2 in 1 Brake Bleeder Kit, a well-reviewed tool, has a pump that can both pump out fluid and draw blood to your penis. The package also includes additional tools and vacuum hoses in four different tube sizes that can be used to build a homemade penis pump

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How to Build a homemade penis pump

It’s time to get to work and demonstrate how to construct a penile pump. Recall that we said we would make the procedure simpler. As a result, our article will include detailed instructions for creating a penile pump.

the use of plastic bottles

You need a container, like a plastic water bottle, before you can make a penis pump. Thank goodness, this bottle is food-grade, making it safe for human consumption. The next sections will go over how to construct a penis pump out of a plastic bottle:

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Penis Enlargement Remedy

Penis Enlargement Remedy

Step 1 – Cut the bottle

homemade penis pump

After cleaning it, cut off the bottom of the water bottle using a knife or pair of scissors. Your penis should fit through the bottom hole, which is the right size.

Step 2: Connect the vacuum hose to the bottle’s top.

Check to see that the suction hose securely fits the bottle’s cap by placing it there. If the vacuum hose won’t fit, you’ll also need to trim the bottle’s cap to match the hose’s size.

Third step: Line the bottle

The bottle’s base should then be lined with tape and cotton or gauze pads.

Make sure a vacuum seal is made in step 4

homemade penis pump

Any gaps can be filled using tape. By doing this, you can help establish a vacuum seal powerful enough to force blood to the tip of your dick.

Test your DIY dick pump in step five.

Place the bottle on your genitals. Once everything is properly sealed, place the vacuum hose’s end in your mouth and sucking motion will generate a vacuum inside the vessel.

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making use of a vacuum

Utilizing a vacuum cleaner is an additional method of building a DIY cock pump. We’ll walk you through the procedure for creating a penis sucker below:

First, cut the bottle’s bottom.

Here too, we suggest that you use a plastic bottle as your vessel. At the bottom of the vessel, draw a circle the same size as your penis. Then, cut along the mark.

Smoothen the edge in step two.

Get to work and round the bottle’s edge. Sandpaper works best for this task.

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Create a vacuum hole in the middle as the third step.

At the bottle’s center, create a second circular pattern. To make a hole for the vacuum cleaner hose, cut the pattern.

Step 4: Connect the bottle to the vacuum hose.

Continue by connecting the vacuum hose to the bottle’s open side. Make sure the fit is correct.

Test the penis pump in step five.

Pump the vacuum as you press the bottle against your body. You’ll be able to feel the suction from a properly sealed homemade penis pump .

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with glass

If you want a solution you can use more than once, you’ll need to use a tougher vessel because a plastic bottle pump might not survive very long. The ideal material for this job is glass. It is not only more hygienic but also more durable.

Step 1: Prepare your tools.

Clean all the tools before you begin construction because hygiene is crucial in this area.

Drill the glass in step two.

Drill a small hole at the bottom of the glass with your drill. This hole will be used to insert the cuff.

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Step 3: Plug the gap.

Put some sealant on the rubber tube’s end and insert it through the cuff. To make sure there is an airtight seal, add sealant around the entry region.

Step 4: Permit the sealant to dry.

Turn the glass over and support the rubber tube so that it fits snugly into the opening. Following the recommended guidelines, let the sealant dry.

Step 5: Conclude.

Use silicone to seal any sharp edge. Test the pump and check if the vacuum is great.

We know how frustrating a weak erection may be, so rest assured. It can affect the man’s self-esteem in addition to restricting his sexual life. Penis pumps are regarded as safe remedies, however the factory-made models can be fairly expensive. If you can’t currently afford a regular choice, you choose a homemade remedy. Making a handmade penile pump is feasible, albeit challenging, as we have described in this post.

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You can improve your odds of having sex by using several common household items. We still advise a high-quality device for the long run even though this homemade alternative is excellent in the short term.

The Tracey Cox EDGE Rechargeable Penis Pump, for example, is a premium alternative that boosts your sexual endurance while offering the utmost in ease. Additionally, it features two replaceable attachments and three suction levels.

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Safety advice

Please be aware that using a homemade penis pump may have some unwanted effects. The suction created, particularly with homemade pumps, can be so great that the penis’ tissue may be harmed. Self-construction is always fraught with dangers, including hygienic ones.

Is It Recommended To Make Your Own Home Pump For Penis Enlargement?

Absolutely not. The dangers exceed the advantages. Although it is true that you can save money, you should keep in mind that your health, notably the health of your penis, one of a man’s most vulnerable bodily parts, is at stake.

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When made by a novice, a homemade pump may have really dangerous flaws, such as plastic bottle pieces that have been improperly cut and are sticking out sharply in the direction of delicate areas. It’s also possible that these parts haven’t been completely covered by cotton or tape, which could result in cuts during use. Or, the tape may have been applied incorrectly and stuck to the skin, making it extremely painful to remove.

It can happen that not knowing how to use this experiment causes damage to the penis, which will manifest with a purple color of the area or small red spots in the area.

Therefore, if the invention has not worked, you can always resort to buying a vacuum pump to increase your penis, safer and with guarantees, you can find a list of the best penis pumps here.

Advantages Of Using Professional Vacuum Pumps

The use of a vacuum pump to grow the penis requires care, and the safety and health of the individual must come before any potential financial gain from the procedure.

We must be persistent and patient because the process takes time and may not always produce the intended results.

Extensive research and expert study led to the patenting of a technique that is used in big penis pumps to enlarge the professional penis.


The various gadget models have undergone testing to ensure that, when used properly, they are absolutely safe.

To avoid product misuse and improve the user experience, they typically come with usage instructions.

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The Best And Safety Way to get big penis : Penis Extenders

Men might use a few undergarments every day to progressively lengthen and/or enlarge the penis by stretching it. The Andro-Penis and the Golden Erect are still in use today, two of the first gadgets.

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