jacob’s ladder piercing cost : A Jacob’s ladder piercing is a very rare and unique type of male genital piercing. It’s actually several frenum piercings in a “ladder”.

the Jacob’s ladder doesn’t go through the urethra, which is important to some. Because it consists of more than one piercing, it tends to be painful and you may decide to build up your ladder over time to avoid getting multiple piercings at once.


What is a Jacob’s Ladder Piercing?

,A Jacob’s ladder piercing consists of quite one frenum piercings. These square measure piercings that square measure principally placed horizontally through the undersurface of the bottom of the shaft of the erectile organthere’s a “pinchable” section of skin there which will accommodate piercings. The term has conjointly return to be familiar with any piercing that goes through the shaft. Please note that it doesn’t truly bear the shaft itself, solely through the tissue round the shaft. each circumcised and uncircumcised men will get this piercing, though associate degree uncircumcised erectile organ usually has additional skin and might support additional piercings.


How Much Does a Jacob’s Ladder Piercing Cost?

The cost of a Jacob’s ladder depends on what number rungs you would like in your ladder. All venereal piercings tend to be dearer than others attributable to however invasive they’reyou’ll expect the primary rung (the frenum) to value around $100.

After that, most piercers can offer you a reduction and value $50 per rung as a result of tons of the work is finished by piercing one within the same spaceonce coming up with your ladder, detain mind that you just will solely have four healing piercings at a time, therefore you would possibly have to be compelled to get 0.5 your ladder at a time counting on however long you would like it.

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Piercing Procedure and Pain

Out of all venereal piercings, the Jacob’s ladder tends to be one amongst the handler ones. Most men agree that one frenum piercing doesn’t hurt the maximum amount as they thought it’d. However, all piercings product of multiple piercings tend to harm additional as a result of the internal secretion for the primary piercing can wear off and won’t shield you throughout the time of your second piercing. bushed all although, most men expertise a mere “tugging” or a 3/10 on the pain scale for the primary piercing and a “pinch” or 6/10 for any consequent rungs.


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Jacob’s Ladder Piercing Pros and Cons


  • You may experience slight additional sensitivity
  • Your partner is likely to experience additional sensitivity
  • A very unique look


  • The jewelry can poke holes in condoms
  • May migrate during the healing process
  • No sex for a few weeks while healing

Healing a Jacob’s Ladder Piercing.

Most men realize that healing a Jacob’s ladder is pretty simple to heal compared to different venereal piercings. you’ll expertise some soreness and you ought to avoid sex throughout the healing method. In general, a Jacob’s ladder solely takes 2-3 months to heal. except for that, the sole factor you would like to look at out for is piercing migration. Frenum piercings square measure surface piercings which suggests they’re doubtless to migrate throughout the healing method. Keep a watch on them to create certain they don’t reject.

jacob’s ladder piercing cost – Conclusion

Jacob’s ladder piercings square measure growing in quality and square measure a really distinctive type of venereal piercing. in contrast to patrician Alberts, they don’t undergo the channelthat avoids many of the cons and worst a part of the pain. Your partner {is doubtless| is probably going} to be able to feel your piercings and have additional stimulation and you’re likely to feel one thing additional furthermore. All in all, the Jacob’s ladder may be a extremely enticing piercing – simply watch for migration!

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