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As men age, Erection Problems becomes more common and while the ageing process sees our body’s change and become less effective, there are some men who manage a healthy sex life in the 70s , on the other hand others have erectile problems. Thirties.

Let’s look at how the ageing process, impacts on a man’s sex life and what you can do about, curing any problems which occur.

We will loo at 3 main age groups, from young to old in general terms and see, the difficulties which occur in each age group and how to recover from ED and enjoy peak sexual health.

Men Under 30 Erection Problems

It will be no surprise that the youngest group will suffer the least in terms of getting a hard erection and the problems in this group are mostly caused by problems of the mind such as – young men, being so excited about sex the lose an erection over anxiety to perform or temporary problems related to tiredness and stress.

If the issues are to do with stress and anxiety they will go away in time or if you feel you need to, talk to a trained councillor – your doctor will be able to advice you on this and also, if the problem persists, you should have a medical to check, if there are any illnesses you may have which could be causing ED.

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Men 30 – 50 and Erection Problems

After the age of 30, a man is past his peak in terms of physical capabilities and the ageing process starts to kick in. Testosterone production peaks in a man’s late twenties and blood circulation, around the body starts to slow down. Blood circulation is also dependant on the lifestyle lead but you can boost blood flow around the body and to the penis, by making some healthy lifestyle choices which we will look at below.

This group of men as a whole will get less physical exercise and start, to have a higher percentage of illnesses related to lifestyle particularly, if they drink or smoke heavily, both of which can cause a weak erection or impotence. Other illnesses become more common such as – high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity and high cholesterol. Also many men, have more responsibilities and can become more stressed generally and also, their attraction to their partner may have waned.

Beating erectile Dysfunction

The problems are both physical and psychological but you can take action, to change your lifestyle and slow down the ageing process and in most cases, men suffering from impotence can regain a hard erection but they must take action and want to do it. The action that needs to be taken is outlined below and not only, will it help you get a better erection, you will boost both mental and physical wellness at the same time.

Does drinking and smoking affect erectile ?

If you are a heavy drinker or smoker, its time to cut down or stop. Drink kills testosterone production which leads to a lack of libido and smoking clogs your arteries and with the ones being so small which feed the penis, these are the first to clog up – getting ED is bad enough but keep in mind, other arteries will eventually clog up which can lead to heart disease. If you are over weight, get on a good diet and also eat foods which are good for an erection and you will find a list of them on this site.

You should also consider herbal supplements and take a natural sex pill which will improve, sexual health as well as all round wellness.

Moderate exercise should also be taken, to get your heart pumping and your energy levels up, to improve libido and it’s also, its a well known way to combat stress.

Many men think their physically fit but there are many illnesses such as high blood pressure which act silently to kill an erection and we have also mentioned high cholesterol and diabetes so as you get older – get help from your doctor and have regular physical check ups to see, if there are any health problems you have.

The sooner you discover what’s causing a weak erection or impotence, the better and all men have the potential to recover from erection problems if they want to.

Men 50 + Erection Problems

When past 50, the same guidance we give to men in the 30 – 50 age group applies. The sooner you take positive action to lead a healthy lifestyle the better but there are many men in their 50s who regain their sexual health and its a fact that many men, enjoy strong erections and a strong libido into their 70s.

Of course eventually erectile dysfunction will occur with age but you can delay it as long as possible and there are men in their seventies, who enjoy better sex than men, in their thirties!

Its Your Life so Make the Most of It.

Your body is a machine which needs to be kept in good working order and its a fact that many men spend more time, looking after their cars than they do themselves!.

Don’t make this mistake if you want harder erections and a healthy sex life look after your body and always keep in mind, if you suffer sexual health problems, these are telling you that you have more general health issues to deal with. Lifestyle, is one of the major causes of ED but we can choose the lifestyle we wish to lead and if you want to enjoy hard erections into your seventies it’s time to make the changes necessary to do this.

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