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Penis curvature is the most unpleasant dilemma that is grounding men. It really puts a man down whenever he thinks of making love to a woman. They start questioning themselves; what if she laughs at me? What if she turns me down? It drives the anxiety away and he will never be at peace with himself because this condition makes him feel out of place from other men. Some might think that they are the only ones having this problem but the truth is that it is like a phenomenon. This is not a one-man problem. Most men have this condition but they fear being open about it.

Curved or straight penis?

However, not all men dislike their curved penises, some men are even proud of their organs. They perceive it as having a special shape which some women dig to have it. Actually, there are women who love bent penises because they feel that the organ, with its bent shape rubs against some areas normally untouched by a straight male organ. However, this is only a small portion of women, but generally every woman is familiar with a straight penis. Therefore, it is every man’s duty to weigh the pros and the cons of having a curved penis and have a normal penis.

People shy away from this condition and the thought of approaching a doctor is dreaded by many. Thanks to the internet which has allowed men to research about this condition and it has also enabled them to find a solution to their nightmare.

Peyronie disease

Well, curved penis is caused by two things. It can either be due to unnatural growth of the penis or you might be having a disease known as Peyronie. When you have a natural growth or abnormal growth, you will find that the two compartments of the penis are growing at different rates. One side is growing faster than the other and hence the organ will bend towards the slower developing compartment. This is natural and it cannot be prevented.

Peyronie disease has no clear cause. Its cause has not been established yet though its mechanisms are clear. The penis has a tough layer of tissue known as “tunica albuginea” which is known to have contains a sponge-like Corpora Cavernosa. Due to some reasons which no one knows, a scar begins to develop on tuna albuginea which in turn hinder penis expansion during erection and as time goes by, the penis begin to bend.

How to straighten the curved penis?

Then here comes the moment you have been waiting for, how to straighten the curved penis? All you need to do is to “exercise” your penis for it to get back to its normal shape. It can be done with a penis stretching device. There are penis fitness programs which offer special exercises to break that scar on the tunica albuginea tissue. And reverse the curve. Jelq is a special exercise which is known to be a successful solution to this condition. You can also use a traction devise which is worn on the penis for it loosen up the tissue and straighten the organ. For good results, you need to use both methods at the same time. Though you cannot get the results overnight, you need to do these days with patience and persistence, you are going to hit that jackpot within no time.

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