Bent Penis

Peyronie’s disease is a disorder of the connective tissue which leads to the development of fibrous collagens in the penis soft tissues. It causes a lot of pain that can lead to Erectile Dysfunction (ED), shortening of the penis, and painful sex performance. About 5% of men suffer from this condition worldwide. It leads to a curved or bent penis and it is an embarrassment to patients as it lowers their self-esteem. There are medical ways of treating and dealing with this condition, if you have a bent penis, do not suffer silently but seek medical advice.

Straighten a curved penis

There are different medical ways to straighten a curved penis; However, there is no proven evidence to indicate the best ways professionals are still investigating the case. Research indicates that the verapamil drug works wonders in the treatment of a curved penis. This is a drug that blocks the channel of calcium in the body; Verapamil injects into the shaft of the penis shaft. Verapamil degrades collagen to prevent, slow or reverse plaque formation and advance effects of the disease. A doctor can also prescribe the use of verapamil gel; this gel is applied to the skin of the penis to treat a curved or bent penis. It slowly relieves the pain and after some time the penis may be straightened. 

A Peyronies Device

penis straightening device can also be used to cure patients, it stretches the penis and ensures that it assumes its initial look. Very affected way to straighten the penis.

There are new drugs in the market that have been developed to straighten a curved penis, drug such as Xiaflex give wonderful results when used effectively to the prescriptions. It produces a 70% result of the pre-disease length. When used, Xiaflex works effectively to break down the tissues in the penis that causes penile plaque. This drug was initially intended to treat Dupuytren’s contracture a disorder of the fingers that caused them to bend. 

Clinical trials results :


Clinical trials have shown that Xiafles has proved very vital for the treatment of both the curved fingers and the bend penis. people suffering from a bent penis take Potaba is an oral drug . Potaba seeks to heal the nerves of the penis and end the fibrous collagen to produce great results. Patients can also undergo through a radiation therapy to straighten curved penis, this is a care mode treatment that gives the best results as it also seeks to avoid the patients from getting ED during the treatment, this kind of treatment has two phases; the first phase involves psychological support and management of the condition while the second phase involves penile injections and erection therapy sessions. This is a vacuum device that seeks to establish the degree of its curve in order to come up with the best treatment. 

Doctors advise patients not to suffer silently with the problem of a curved penis because there are ways to be applied to solve this problem. It is always better to report any symptoms to the doctor so that treatment can start early before any adverse effects lead to impotence.

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