10 Modes Automatic Thrusting Rotating Male masturbater


10 Modes Automatic Thrusting Rotating Male masturbater


10 Modes Automatic Thrusting Rotating Male Masturbator

(automatic masturbater)

Regular price $259.95 $129.95 50% OFF


10 Modes Automatic Thrusting Rotating Male Masturbator

(automatic masturbater)

Regular price $259.95 $129.95 50% OFF

Why choose automatic thrusting rotating male masturbater?

Powered by a strong motor, this male stroker provides 10 powerful thrusting and rotating modes for you to choose, which help you to enjoy all kinds of stimulation.

Unlike ordinary automatic masturbater that barely move up and down, the unique Feelingirl Thrusting and rotation mechanism puts a whole new spin on male masturbation.

Start your journey with the Feelingirl Stamina Training Unit. The masturbator inner chamber is made of firm, stretchy rubber, lined with textured fingers to stroke you into ecstasy.


Realistic Vagina: 

Features a custom TPE sleeve that faithfully reproduces the feeling of being inside a woman’s vagina! It make you feel better than a real snatch and bring a marvelous sexual experience.


Soft Sleeve: 

The lifelike inner wall is convex with a convex structure,that will provide more intense stimulation. The sleeve is enough soft to feel like real body!It imitates the realistic touch of a woman’s vagina.

Note: The inner shell cannot be separated from the silicone sleeve.


How to Use

1. Apply a liberal amount of water-based lubricant to the Masturbator Cup and yourself.
2. Insert in the electric masturbation cup.
3. Long press the button to turn on the male sex toy, hen choose the mode which you prefer, and enjoy yourself.
4. After use, clean it up.
Note: Don’t let the Black shell get wet(motor is in it).


How to Disassemble (Step 1)

First, you need to screw the sleeve cup to the left to remove it.


How to Disassemble for Cleaning (Step 2)

Reach your fingers into the cup,grab a groove and pull out the whole inner cup


Clean the Inner Sleeve and Dry it(Step 3)

Please use shower Gel to clean inner sleeve. and please drying with a towel.

Do not clean the whole machine.


automatic masturbater-How to Assemble(Step 4)

There’s a transparent small cylinder projection,put it in the responding slot of the masturbator rim.And screw the cap to the right.


Warm Tips-automatic masturbater

1. The inner sleeve cup is the whole entirety. No split out.
2. Please use some lubes before using this male masturbator toy.


Strong Suction Cup

1. Screws the console onto the basement, then place it on any hard, non-porous surface like a table, or shower wall.
2. Lift up the latch, then press the suction cup down and push down on the latch.
3. Counterclockwise Screw the pinch to adjust the angles (up to 135°), Clockwise screw the pinch to hold the angle.


Do Not Wash the Whole Machine

1. Do not clean the whole masturbator underwater, only takeout the inner sleeve out and clean.
2. Do not use this masturbator toy when it is charging.
3. If the product gets water, it will cause the machine not to be turned on, which will affect the service life of the product.


UPDATE: Due to huge demand we are officially running low on this product, please place your order while supplies last!



When ordering a sex toy, the most you care about is discreet packaging. We know this quite well, so, from pouches, product boxes, to shipping packages, we designed very discreetly.

automatic masturbater- AFTER-SALE SERVICE

  • We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee, 30-day back money guarantee.
  • We have 24/7/365 Email Support.


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